Mototrial’s top performers, led by 30-time world champion Toni Bouga, present incredible and law-breaking motorcycle tricks.

Who is Toni Bou?

Toni is the best trial rider in the world. Toni, 36, from Spain, has a passion for motorcycles and rides a Montesa Honda.

How did Toni’s career begin?

Toni’s father rode the trial as a hobby and introduced the sport to his son. Toni hasn’t looked back – she’s been working in the area since she was little.

What are Toni’s biggest achievements?

He is a 15-time World Trial Champion and a 15-time Indoor Trial World Champion! Toni is a superstar in the trial world. He has broken all records and plans to continue to do so.

The craziest tricks?

Toni knows absolutely every trick imaginable.


How is Toni different from other drivers?

He’s a natural talent – taming a motorcycle comes out to him. But he is a complete professional. Toni, who has an iron nervous program, is constantly training to get even better. Toni has also brought techniques from ordinary cycling to the trial.

How did Toni get to Estonia?

From the beginning, Toni has liked the idea of ​​coming to Estonia to introduce the sport, so the team of the event did not need much persuasion skills – the world number one agreed immediately!

TRIXS is an indoor-format competition show with the world’s top competitors, led by 30-time world champion Toni Bou´. Approximately during the 3-hour competition, the audience sees it as impossible to pass the seemingly impossible tests, which certainly will not be successful for every competitor. In addition to a light show, performers, competitions for the audience and lots of fierce entertainment.