Tallinn to host a 2024 FIM X-Trial World Championship event

On October 26, the Unibet Arena will be the scene of the spectacular X-Trial Tallinn, that will be a scoring round of the 2024 FIM X-Trial World Championship, and will bring the world’s best riders to the local audience.

Top X-Trial riders have already been attracted to Tallinn in the previous two years, when TRIXS show competitions were organized. These events brought the top three of the World Championship and the best trial men from the Baltic countries and Finland to the Estonian audience. Now, however, the bar will be raised even higher, as TRIXS has been granted to organize a stage of the 2024 FIM X-Trial World Championship.

“The X-Trial Tallinn in Estonia has been invited to join the 2024 FIM X-Trial World Championship since after having organized two very nice editions and with a good line-up of riders, this was the next logical step to take” explains Bernard Estripeau, director of Esdeux, promoter of the FIM X-Trial World Championship. “For the championship it is also an opportunity to welcome a new nation within the calendar and to internationalize this sport even further,” he adds.

“Organizing the FIM X-Trial World Championship in Estonia is a great honour for us and a recognition for the work done in previous years,” states the organizer of the X-Trial Tallinn, Kaino Tülle. “TRIXS competition series attracted a lot of attention both in terms of organization, structure and everything related to it – correctness in administration, great contribution of supporters, accuracy of contract fulfillment and active participation of spectators as well. All of the above created interest and confidence in the X-Trial promoter and the FIM. The responsibility will be greater than before, and the work will also be more stressful, but all this is important both in terms of the development of the area, and actually as a good advertisement for the whole Estonia,” adds Tülle.

His colleague Oliver Läll admits that the right to organize a World Championship round came as a pleasant surprise: “We have always acted with the aim of bringing a World Championship round to Estonia. We ourselves hoped that this could happen in 2025, when Tallinn is the sports capital of Europe. That this dream will come true already this year was undoubtedly a surprise. Now, of course, our goal is to make such a strong competition this year that we get the right to organize a World Championship round in 2025 as well. The team is full of strength and the will to do the best in everything – there is no room for mistakes.”

With the addition of the X-Trial Tallin, 7 rounds will be held in the 2024 FIM X-Trial World Championship. The X-Trial Tallin will take place on October 26. Both Läll and Tülle promise that Estonia will offer to the x-trial world a spectacular event where, in addition to a top competition, great emphasis is also focus on the show and entertainment.

“We have reached an agreement with the FIM X-Trial World Championship promoter that more entertainment will be offered at the X-Trial Tallinn event than, for example, at the World Championship stages taking place in Central Europe. What exactly will happen? I would leave it a surprise. But for spectators and competitors, the fact that this year’s X-Trial Tallinn is a scoring round of the 2024 FIM X-Trial World Championship means that riders will come here to give their best, because a good result will improve their position in the championship standings”, explains Läll.

Bernard Estripeau also believes that excitement will be at a whole new level in the X-Trial Tallinn. “The audience’s interest in experiencing a World Championship event live is to be able to see the battle of the best riders in the world for the title of World Champion. During the three rounds of an X-Trial event there is incredible intensity and great excitement until the last section.”

The TRIXS 2024 competition show will be held on October 26 in Tallinn, Unibet Arena. The event starts at 16:00, competitors start on the track at 17:00. Tickets are on sale in piletitasku.ee. Additional information: trixs.ee